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When it comes to designing your market booth, you learn fast what works and what doesn't. You want your booth to look nice, be easy to setup and take down, fit in your vehicle and be inexpensive to create. You've taken the time to create killer products, now it's time to create a space that will allow them to shine!


The first decision that you have to make is how to arrange your booth. There are two things to keep in mind when figuring out what layout will work best for you and your products.

1) Are you making use of the entire space?

Dimensions of booth sizes vary from market to market, but generally the size most often used is around 10sqft x 10sqft. That's a decent amount of space to play around with and create something that will draw people in. You have the space, so use it! All of it!

2) Does your booth have a nice flow?

When organizing our markets we spend a great deal of time figuring out what layout will have the best flow for our shoppers. This is something you should consider when setting up your booth too! Our markets can get very busy, and if shoppers don't have an easy way in and out, they might miss your booth. Consider the diagram below for examples of what the flow could look like for different layouts.


booth display by Abigail Borg

Let's talk levels. Creating a space with varying levels automatically draws shoppers to you. Adding elements of different heights to display your products will create a dynamic space and ensure that your products stand out. Levels will also create a more engaging booth for your shoppers to experience, allowing for exploration of your work and more time spent at your booth! (which means a higher likelihood of a purchase)

There are so many easy and affordable ways to create levels.

photo credit: VerticalLedge

Stacking wooden crates

Adding shelving

Using risers Placing items on the floor

Utilizing signage Display racks + stands

The goal is to draw the shoppers eye up and around every inch of your booth, keep them engaged, and create an experience.


Backdrops for a market booth are almost like the frame to a picture. It ties the entire space together and sets the mood for your shoppers. They can be as simple as a frame with your favorite fabric, pegboard and plywood, or a thrifted room divider. Having a backdrop focuses all attention on you and your craft, and it can help showcase what you're all about at a quick glance.

Rachel Meckling at The Homesick Market: Spring Edition 2022


You can't have a booth at a market without displaying the name of your business somewhere. Slap it on your tablecloth, add it to the top of your backdrop, or frame it and place it on one of your many levels. Just make sure it's somewhere, because it's great exposure for your business, and people will want to know who you are!


Creating a checkout station for yourself is a game changer. Keep all your packaging materials, paper bags, business cards, card reader, cash box, tape, stickers, stamp, ribbon, scissors and whatever else you might need contained and easily accessible to you. This will ensure you are well prepared for that opening market rush.


Adding the final touches to your booth can come in the form of adding plants or foliage, a fancy rug you don't mind getting dirty, lighting, a fun table cloth, seasonal décor; anything you can think of that will help showcase what you and your business are all about.

table display by Oneiro

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