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Applying to one of our markets involves a bit more than filling out an application. We hold high standards for our markets and take great care when selecting our vendors. If you're considering applying for one of our markets these tips will help your application stand out among the rest.



When looking through applications, one thing we're searching for is an active social media presence. This gives us a better idea of what you sell, and gives us insight into who you are as a maker. Don't worry! We're not concerned with the number of followers you have or how many likes you're getting. We want to see that you're actively trying to promote your business, creating content that reflects your brand and showcasing your products in the best possible light. Being accessible, consistent, and engaging through social media shows us you're serious about the growth of your business. Social media platforms like Instagram are free to use and offer so many opportunities for you to promote your business and build your audience.



Having high quality photos that clearly showcase your products and that reflect who you are as a small business is crucial. Photos that are dynamic, cohesive, and that clearly display your products will do wonders for your business. A professional image can be a powerful tool, and shoppers want to see your products from every angle! So... get in close and let those details shine, get creative with composition and backgrounds, or invite friends and family to model for you.



When filling out the bio portion of our application take the time to give us a thoughtful write-up. This will be our first impression of you, so be sure to include a good description of who you are, what you make, how you make it, what you make it with, etc. Don't be afraid to make it lengthy, as we would rather have too much than too little when it comes to learning about your business.



photo credit Wildwood Paper

We're looking for displays that boast creativity, are engaging, showcase what your business is all about and that have a nice flow. Consider how to best utilize the space you are given, how traffic flow might effect shoppers, and how to best showcase your products. We want to encourage vendors to come up with a display that involves more than a table and a tablecloth. When you put the time and effort into your booth set-up, we notice (and so do our shoppers!) If this will be your very first market, don't sweat it! Draw up a sketch of your booth idea or write a detailed description of what you aim to do.



Having a website or an online shop is the cherry on top of the application, while it's not mandatory - it does show us that you take your business seriously and want to see it grow. Everything is online, and you should be too! Having a place where shoppers can easily find you is important when considering the future of your business.


If you've made it this far, then you are well on your way to getting your application to the top! We hope these tips were useful to you and help ensure your road to market success.

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